• Keevin launched Brainstorm.io that started on November 5 and already gained 3,359 subscribers in just one month.
  • Keevin discussed two things about the process of how he made his previous newsletter successful: 1) be conscious of where you put your stuff out. 2) Think about what you really like to write about.
  • To increase the value proposition; 1) make readers/clients feel that it's an investment rather than entertainment. 2) make sure that the information you're giving out is hard to find and really valuable.
  • Jakob and Keevin further discuss different platforms that are used to promote your stuff, one example is Reddit.
  • Promoting yourself on Reddit may be a little bit tricky but it's worth it.
  • The best thing about creating content on Reddit is that there are other people hat contribute or pitch in ideas or opinions on the topic you choose and can help grow your audience that way.
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