Today I’m launching a new project called Gum Spy. It’s a a tool that makes it easy to analyze bestselling Gumroad products. It can be used, for example, to discover profitable niche products, monitor competitors or to find promising products you can promote as an affiliate. Any support on Product Hunt is greatly appreciated 🙂. But in any case, I’ll keep you updated how the launch went!

Speaking of launches, Product Explorer is still going strong. Thanks to a collaboration with Dru Riley, there are now more than 100 active users. Motivated by this result I’ll try to collaborate with other newsletters to get my products in front of more people.

Another cool thing is that I discovered how incredibly nice people in the maker community are. Everyone I messaged so far is happy to reply to DMs and emails, and people like Mubashar Iqbal, Rob Hope, Dru Riley, (among others) generously shared advice with me in Zoom calls. I’ll publish some of my conversations in a new podcast I’m launching this week.

My previous plan was to include these conversations in the Bootstrap MBA podcast. But I then decided that it makes more sense to separate my-low quality ramblings from the high-quality conversations.

I also finally managed to publish a new blog post. It’s about the cold outreach strategies I learned from a lecture by Sam Parr.

👍 My Favourite Things This Week

🤔 Quote I’m Pondering

“You don’t really know that the cool project you signed up for is in a skyscraper in Silicon Valley, or like me: one dude in his underpants somewhere who has five windows open to terminal servers.”

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