here's what I got up to since the last update.

🎓 Bootstrap MBA Progress

The launch of my Product Idea Prompt Generator went quite well. It received 350+ upvotes on Product Hunt, 70+ upvotes on Hacker News, and resulted in a bunch of new Twitter followers.

One thing that surprised me is that my Product Ideas Newsletter (which I really didn’t advertise anywhere except through a small link in the navigation bar of the prompt generated) already has 100+ subscribers. So I feel like I have a somewhat solid understanding of how to launch something. The next step is to use this knowledge to launch a real product, not just a project with no monetization.

However, I have to admit that I spend the last few days building a bunch of small projects (not products) that I’ll launch in the coming weeks. I don’t expect anything from these launches since they’re all tiny projects that I primarily built because I wanted to learn something specific.

One example is Maker News, which I launched today. It’s a site that shows the top posts from Hacker News, Product Hunt, and Indie Hackers side-by-side. I built it because I wanted to learn how to work with APIs. Since Hacker News and Product Hunt have nice APIs this was an ideal learning project. But it’s also a useful tool that I’m now using myself.

👍 My Favourite Things This Week

I really enjoyed the article Is coding a procrastination trap? by Jamal Mashal. Coding is definitely my favorite way to procrastinate. It feels like productive work but often isn’t what I really should be doing.

He’s also published a useful decision tree that helps to decide what to do when you have an idea for a product.

🤔 Quote I’m Pondering

“Millions of people in this world can build software. A fractional subset of those can build software and convince people to buy it.” - Start Small, Stay Small by Rob Walling

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