Amaan reached out to me on Twitter since he wanted to learn more about my Bootstrap MBA experiment and we ended up talking about a wide range of topics.

   • Jakob and Amaan talks about Jakob’s background and how he started (1:53)

   • Jakob mentions that learning on your own is more effective (6:03)

   • Amaan explains what company he would want to found and why (7:35)

   • Jakob talks about the system of PhD in Germany and how he got into it (8:37)

   • Jakob and Amaan discuss about how he came up with the idea of the whole project and creating and designing the curriculum (10:35)

   • Jakob tells Amaan what he is going to do with his Bootstrap MBA page and personal blog (12:45)

   • Jakob gives Amaan an overview of his products’ revenue (25:05)

   • Jakob and Amaan talk about Product Hunt (28:13)

   • Jakob and Amaan discusses costs, benefits, pros, cons, and taking more risks (29:20)

   • Jakob gives advice on how to balance doing what he wants and maintaining focus on a project (31:16)

   • Amaan shares some of his goal and how he stays focused and balanced (33:59)

   • Jakob talks about a few problems he has encountered and solved (35:45)

   • Jakob briefly explains his future plans (44:46)

   • Amaan mentions the importance of building relationships (47:52)

   • Amaan briefly talks about his app (54:50)

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